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30 Leadership Quotes from the World's Top Female CEOs

Some people are motivated by kindness and gentle effort of leaders, while others respond to toughness and tenacity. Whatever your style of leadership, try learning something new from these 30 leadership quotes from the world’s top female CEOs.

Women Making Waves: Sage Quiamno, Co-founder of Future For Us

Transcribing an interview is sometimes a chore, but often reveals something new about the initial conversation. Transcribing an interview with Sage Quiamno is not a chore. The Future For Us co-founder asks as many questions as she answers, an approach that makes sense when you realize that the platform centering women of color just launched this year.

Women Making Waves: Dr. Sarah Saska, CEO of Feminuity

When you're putting out your first-ever Gender Equity Report, like TINYpulse is this week, it's always good to talk to someone with a doctorate in Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation. Dr. Sarah Saska not only matches that description, she gave us some really helpful advice: to make sure our research didn't encourage the homogenization of women in the workforce.

Women Making Waves: Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva

Katerina Trajchevska is a busy woman. The CEO and founder of Adeva also makes time to speak at conferences, mentor women in tech, and blog about her experiences. We felt lucky to get on her calendar! TINYpulse made the connection from Seattle, Washington to Skopje, Macedonia in advance of International Women's Day to talk awards, remote work, and the future of employee experience.

9 Myths that Hold Female Employees Back, Debunked

The debate over gender equality has escalated in recent years. Equality dictates a path of progress in which it’s evident that there are equal opportunities and resources available to both men and women.

How To Design An Employee Experience That Empowers Women

Female leadership and empowerment in the workplace has been on the rise throughout the last several decades, not only paving the way for more female leaders, but also a competitive advantage for many companies.

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