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The Top 5 Signs Your Employee Onboarding Program Needs an Overhaul

Employee onboarding programs are essential to the overall health of your company. The stronger your program is, the more likely your new hires are to be engaged right from the start.

Why Starbucks Rocks at Their Employee Onboarding Program

                  Ever wonder why a grande latte ordered at a Starbucks in San Francisco tastes the same as one ordered in New York City — and why the entire coffee shop experience seems the same as well?

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Twitter's Employee Onboarding Process

Building a productive, long-lasting relationship with your workforce — and keeping them engaged — starts during the employee onboarding process. When an organization drops the ball during onboarding, employees don’t start off on the right foot. This could have implications down the road by convincing new hires they probably aren’t working for the best-organized company — which ultimately leads to turnover costs.

10 Tools Everyone in HR Needs to Start Using Now

How confident are you in the tools your HR department is using? If you’ve not made any changes to your HR team’s tool belt in a while, now is as good a time as any to review what you’re using to determine which, if any, platforms are better.

HR's Role in the Modern Organization

Like virtually all other departments, human resources has changed tremendously over the years.

Why New Hires Fail Without a Mentor During Onboarding

Less than one month ago, I started my journey as a new hire on the TINYpulse team. In the last three and a half years, I’ve held a total of six jobs, the longest of which I was at for a year and a half (insert millennial job-hopping stereotype here). So you could say I’m pretty used to being the newbie. It never quite gets easier, though.