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Why Empty Gestures Are Useless During Employee Onboarding

How does your organization approach employee onboarding? Some organizations take more of a hands-off approach to new hires. They’ll put up a greeting sign at the person’s desk and they’ll give out some company swag. After the boss makes the rounds and introduces the new employee to their coworkers, everyone returns to their desks and gets back to work.

How to Get New Hires to Quicky Get to Know the People on Their Team

No matter where you are in your career, the first few days at a new job can be pretty awkward. Aside from not really being sure what they’re supposed to do in their new roles, in most instances, new hires don’t know any of their new coworkers. While the team they are joining might be fairly tight-knit, new employees can’t help but feel on the outside when they’re just starting their new jobs.

Increasing Loyalty With Remote Employees Through Onboarding

It’s only natural that a smooth employee onboarding process will make the new hire feel welcomed, happy, and productive. They’ve probably had bad first day experiences before that consisted of just filling out forms and getting sat down at their desk, so now’s the chance to show them you’re a different kind of employer.

The Costs of Replacing an Employee

Many businesses that don’t have unlimited resources are hesitant to hire new employees because there are many hidden costs associated with adding additional team members.

The Ultimate Plan for Onboarding First-Time Employees

Every manager wants to hire great employees. However, the process of building a great team doesn't end with just finding the right people. In order to set teams up for success, supervisors and managers need to construct a detailed onboarding system that ensures new hires are educated on how to excel in their roles.

3 Strategies to Retain Institutional Knowledge After an Employee Quits

Many long-term employees are retiring, and younger employees are more likely to job hop than past generations. In fact, Pew Research Center estimates that 10,000 baby boomers are leaving the workforce each day.