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The 3 Worst Things You Could Ever Do With Employee Feedback

Asking for employee feedback is the golden rule to keeping your employees happy. And sometimes you get good responses, while other times you get … not-so-positive ones. Regardless of what kind of feedback you receive, it all comes down to how you react to it. Here are the three worst things you could ever do with feedback:

Are Your Survey Response Rates Crappy? Here's A Culprit

The open-door policy: does it really work? Sure, from a manager’s perspective, you believe you’re opening up the communication line. But think back to last month: how many of your employees actually walked through that “open door”?

The Top Tricks To Handling Negative Employee Feedback

Asking for employee feedback is one of the best practice you can do as a manager. Regardless of how well you’re running the show, you’re bound to receive some negative words once in a while. And we agree, sometimes they’re difficult to deal with. But before you cut off the feedback line, take a look at these points from a recent study:

One Tool You Must Use To Prevent Employee Burnout

Burnout can happen to the best of us. We put in so much time and effort into our work that the stress sneaks up on us or suddenly takes over our lives.

The Best Ways To Improve Employee Feedback

Do you want the good or bad news first? Everyone always chooses “good” because no one wants to hear negative news. But with employee feedback, you can’t pick and choose. The good, bad, and the ugly—whatever the tone of the feedback, you have to listen to them all. Here are ways you can get your employees to truthfully spill the beans.

The Pros And Cons Of Employee Feedback Surveys

Employees have a lot to say about their workplace. Improvements, shout-outs, discontent—everyone needs an outlet to voice their opinion. So that’s when managers turn to employee surveys. It’s a tool with an endless list of advantages. But depending on someone’s perception, there are also disadvantages that come with these surveys.

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