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How the Happiest Industries Handle Employee Feedback

In our 2016 Industry Ranking Report, we analyzed over 500,000 survey responses from over 60,000 employees in 13 different industries to uncover the trends impacting engagement in various sectors. Phew — that was a mouthful. And we found a commonality among the happiest industries (Consumer Products & Services, Real Estate, and Technology & Software): they understand the importance of gathering employee feedback.

6 Steps to Maximizing Employee Feedback From Pulse Surveys

Our company, Brenthaven started using TINYpulse over a year ago because we wanted a way to hear what employees were concerned about and their thoughts on how to make our company a better place to work. We loved the frequency of the questions and that we would could segment the results between our US office and our overseas office.

Leveraging Skip-Level Meetings to Solicit Honest Employee Feedback

Employees don’t always feel comfortable giving their managers feedback, and that’s okay. But without some way of getting their employees’ thoughts, managers often go without feedback — and that’s not okay. Just like workers need consistent feedback to get better at their jobs and hone their skills, managers need employee feedback in order to get better at management and learn to more effectively lead.

The Surprising Impact of Employee Feedback

What really makes workplace morale tank? We can all think of reasons that drive us crazy at work, and everyone has their own gripes. So in our most recent Industry Ranking Report, we dug through over 60,000 anonymous employee responses from around the world to find out which sectors had the happiest and unhappiest employees.

How to Respond to Negative Employee Feedback

To boost employee engagement statistics, many managers provide their employees with the opportunity to offer feedback on their boss’s job performance — a reverse performance review of sorts. And even changes that small can have a profound effect on businesses: According to the Harvard Business Review, managers who ask for feedback often are considerably more effective leaders than their tight-lipped peers.

Best Companies to Work For: Aduro

You can’t please everyone. But when it comes to your employees and their needs, you should certainly try (and try again). It’s not easy, we know: some of your employees may say they want stock options included in their benefits package, while others say they want unlimited PTO instead.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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