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What You Need to Know About Gen Y in the Workplace

Members of Gen Y, commonly referred to as millennials, account for an increasingly large slice of the US workforce. Here's an infographic put together by the folks at PayScale that shines a light on the workforce trends and demographics Gen Y professionals currently face. How does your organization stack up?

Should Your Company Ban After-Hours Emails?

On January 1, a new law went into effect in France that required companies with at least 50 employees to designate specific hours during which workers could send and answer emails — and which hours they could not.

7 Ways to Get Support for Your Wellness Program

More than two-thirds of US companies report they currently have a wellness program, according to Forbes. As the population becomes more aware of the negative health outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, organizations are leading the way in encouraging change. 

What Motivates Employees to Perform Their Best?

Your company will only be as strong as the employees that drive it forward.

4 Perks of Pulse Surveys: How "Stealth Feedback" Transforms Work Culture

Engagement is turnover’s antidote. Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave a job than their disengaged peers. Yet, when it comes to keeping close tabs on sources of disengagement, many leaders still struggle.