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How to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Millennials

When executives are asked about their companies' most competitive advantages, without fail they declare "It's our people."  So why do so many companies come up short when it comes to recognizing, coaching, and helping to fulfill the talent potential of their employees? To learn more, I spoke with Rochelle Reiter, Agency Principal at Orange Label, a leading response marketing agency known for its unconventional, but effective, core value: the color orange. This summer, the Newport Beach based company earned a spot on the Orange County Business Journals' list of Best Places to Work so I was super excited to get Rochelle's thoughts on a powerful but, often neglected, set of leadership skills.  READ MORE: THE 2019 COMPLETE GUIDE TO COMPANY CULTURE

CEO of Top-Ranking Workplace Discusses How to Hire for Cultural Fit

To start this series, I kept it simple: talk to people who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership when it comes to company culture. My first guest, Randy Stocklin of One Click Ventures, easily ticks all boxes on the leadership qualities list. Randy Stocklin co-founded One Click with his wife Angie in 2005. They’ve been featured on The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, and last year won a spot on Inc. Magazine’s 50 Best Places to Work in America. One Click owns and operates 3 successful eyewear brands on the web: Felix + Iris, Sunglass Warehouse, and

Can Salary Transparency Close the Wage Gap?

For a long time, companies convinced their employees that they shouldn’t be able to discuss their salaries with their coworkers. If a worker made $70,000 and their colleague, who did the same job, was paid $60,000 even though they had the same experience and credentials, it wouldn’t end pretty if the lower-paid worker found out.

Psst—Here Are the Secrets to Sustaining Great Company Culture

If we’re sure of one thing here at TINYpulse, it’s that workplace culture is crucial to employee satisfaction. Our research has repeatedly demonstrated that more than benefits, work-life balance, and flexible schedules, the invisible web of culture reigns supreme. These other items matter too but not as much as employees feeling like they’re an integral part of something bigger than themselves.

Want to Attract Top Talent? Throw Art on the Wall

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to attract top talent these days. With so many companies vying for candidates with the highest talent potential — and the internet making it easier than ever for job seekers to connect with companies all around the country — it’s getting harder and harder for companies to stand out from the pack.

6 Simple Ways to Strengthen Company Culture

Culture can make or break any organization.