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Window Shopping Pays Off for Simon Han of Yoogiscloset

For Simon Han of Yoogiscloset, window shopping really paid off for him and sparked his "ah-ha" moment to start Yoogiscloset. Simon Han was vacationing with his wife, Eugenia Han, in Japan and checking out the various shops in the Ginza shopping area. Simon noticed that the side streets were cluttered with high-end consignment stores.

Inspiring Reviews - a Fresh Approach to Performance Reviews at Wetpaint

Every now and then, as an interviewer, I get fired up and inspired by someone I'm interviewing. Ben Elowitz of Wetpaint falls into this category. Ben started Wetpaint in 2005 with seven other people, and he freely encouraged all of them to think of themselves as co-founders.

TRUST in a Great Culture at Avidian Technologies

James Wong Avidian CEO

Behind the HR Scene at Chameleon Technologies with Mike Luckenbaugh

When I sat down with Mike Luckenbaugh, Co-Founder of Chameleon Technologies "Chameleon," he struck me as someone who is very likable and easy going which helps explains the success of his company. Chameleon provides consulting services, temporary staffing, and recruiting for some of the largest companies in the Puget Sound region, including Microsoft, HTC, and REI to name a few.

Annual Reviews EASIER than Semi-Weekly 1-on-1's for Apex Facility Resources

One of the reasons why I love connecting with other entrepreneurs is that everyone has their own unique path to success. For Marlaine McCauley of Apex Facility Resources "Apex," her "ah ha" moment came in February of 1997 when she was 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. She did a project for King County (county of Seattle) for 500 panels. She went out and established a business account and business license with $500. After that 1st project, she realized that there was a niche and opportunity there. Now 15 years later, Apex employs 75 people.

New Zealand Arrival

Just arrived in Auckland on Saturday. It was overcast and drizzly and reminded me of a humid day in Hawaii. The cab driver shared that it was nice and sunny for the entire week prior, but the weather was going to be not so nice moving forward. Then I checked the forecast and saw that it was forecasted to rain every single day of my week long stay in Auckland. And I thought I was getting away from the dreary grey skies of wintertime in Seattle!