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Sasha Titchkosky Follows Her Heart with Koskela

Sasha Titchkosky's first job was working at a shop that sold all things related to Manchester. In fact, she had to take over the entire store when the owner went on vacation shortly after she started. He called her after the first day of his vacation to see how sales went. He was shocked to find out that 16-year-old Sasha had sold more merchandise in one day than he had the entire previous week. From this experience, Sasha learned the importance of talking to and engaging with customers.

Jules Hall Prevails at The Hallway

Jules Hall's first job was driving a tractor around-and-around his family's farm. From that experience, he learned that he hated getting paid a fixed wage for fixed work - he knew there had to be a better way. So when Jules reached university, he put his creative juices to work and started Jules Hall Production. He began selling t-shirts at the local pub. It was ingenuity at its best because Jules could (1) drink pints with his mates while "working" (2) meet women at the pub (3) and make money by peddling his shirts. His all-time best selling t-shirt was emblazoned with the slogan, "If all else fails, excess prevails!"

Wedding List Co - Start What You Need and Keep Working On the Business

George and Karaline Loiterton started Wedding List Co in 2003. Prior to starting Wedding List Co, George and Karaline were working in London and engaged to get married in Tuscany. They had one bridal registry for their UK guests and another one for their Australian guests. But they were dismayed at how much more robust the UK registry was compared to the paltry options they had in Australia.

Is Your Product Loved Enough to Recruit for You Like BodyBolster's?

Flavia Abbate's road to entrepreneurialism started when a consulting client asked her to create an executive health module. She collaborated with her identical twin sister's husband, who was a trainer to Mr. Universe. The modules were so successful that in 1998, they started the first CityClinic because they wanted a physical space where these executives could come to learn more and get trained.

Stuart Finlayson Gives Back with GoFundraise

Stuart Finlayson's parents started three non-profits, and Stuart had noble ambitions to be a flying doctor to give back to the community. But after university, Stuart Finlayson went down the marketing and advertising route before creating his own web businesses. While in London, he saw what was happening with Just Giving in the UK and thought that he could improve on their model.

Sydney Founder Institute Panel Thoughts and Inspiration

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a mentor / judge on a Founder Institute pitch event in Sydney. Benjamin Chong invited me to give back to local Australian entrepreneurs while also sharing my US perspective as a founder and angel investor. I sat on a panel with Colin Fabig from JumpOnIt and David Catterall. We started at 6:30 (ok probably 6:38 since I got lost looking for the venue) and went until 9:30 before heading out to a pub to "network."