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How Scott Dorsey turned company culture into a $2.5B competitive advantage

Indianapolis seems as unlikely a place as any to start a billion-dollar tech company, but in 2001, Scott Dorsey started on his journey to do eventually just that. The story of ExactTarget, acquired for $2.5 billion by Salesforce in 2013 is not only one of unlikely success, but a testament to the power of a strong company Culture. READ MORE: THE 2019 COMPLETE GUIDE TO COMPANY CULTURE

5 Reasons to Stop What You're Doing and Register for TINYcon

It's easy to talk yourself out of committing to an annual conference. If you are a manager, the thought of investing in your career beyond listening to podcasts and buying a couple of books can be overwhelming. If you are an HR professional, it can be even harder to ask your employer for the fees and possibly travel expenses to Seattle so that you can add value to your current role.

The 3 Best Onboarding Tips from Elite Tech Companies

Employee onboarding programs can make or break any company. 

Best Companies to Work For: Ocean Design Group

The top thing people love about their jobs is the people. We work with our colleagues every day and rely on them for support, so it really isn't much of a surprise that peers make such a different in our workday. We got to chat with Dani from Ocean Design Group to hear about their people-first organizational culture.

Best Companies to Work For: Dynamic Events

The easy way out of a difficult conversation or situation is to avoid it, right? Many organizations just simply sweep these elephants under the rug rather than address them. However, to maintain morale and employee engagement, leaders must be ready to dive into these conversations head on. We chatted with Nanci Meadows, People Champion at Dynamic Events, about how their organizational culture and how they keep their employees happy.

Best Companies to Work For: MessageBird

Organizational culture is the heart of every company. When you have a terrible one, your engagement level is also terrible. When it's a thriving culture, your employees will, too, thrive. It's as simple as that. But the hard part is building and maintaining that thriving culture as your company grows.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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