The Top Factors That Drive Employees out the Door

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Oct 15, 2016
workplace productivityIn this dog-eat-dog world, we’re all fighting to work hard, drive innovation, and be more productive than the next guy. Yet a whole lot of workers out there are fighting productivity killers.
When we asked employees to cite the things that drive them crazy and kill productivity, more than one-third talked about lack of follow-through and communication from colleagues. The second-most-talked-about issue was lacking the tools and resources to do the job well.
workplace productivity
Let’s hear directly from employees about what exactly is destroying work productivity:
A lack of ability for people to take ownership and be accountable for their actions. Many people assume someone else will sort it.
Our laptops and network connections. It’s very difficult to do an Excel analysis with your laptop crashing or taking too long to process.
When we get bits and pieces of information and have to keep asking for more information and NOT getting everything that is needed all at one time.
Perhaps this isn’t too surprising. Just as peers are the number one thing employees love about their jobs, they can also be the thing that really brings them down. Failing to hire consistently great people isn’t just a temporary blip. It will actually impede your great performers from staying great performers.

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