Top 10 Things to Avoid Sharing With Your Coworkers

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Jan 13, 2017

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Working in a friendly environment makes your day so much better, allowing you to take care of business in a supportive atmosphere. But “friendly” in a professional context and “friendly” outside the office are two very different things. The dividing line is how much it’s appropriate to share the gnarlier details of your life.

At work, it’s best to leave the more-personal stuff out. You don’t want to make colleagues uncomfortable. And worse, when you overshare, you can damage your reputation as a competent, reliable person — no one else needs to know when you feel like you’re faking it.

Liz Ryan, writing for Forbes, put together a list of things you’re better off keeping to yourself.


01. Your personal relationship problems

Work is not the place to vent. Colleagues can’t solve your love problems, and they’ll either feel put on the spot or think of you as a romantic train wreck.


02. Details about your money, especially problems with it

If you own Boardwalk in Monopoly, people may feel resentful. If you’ve just landed on it, hey, that’s your problem — everyone else has their own.


03. Legal trouble

Talking about legal troubles can hurt your trustworthy image. Even lawsuit talk should be off-limits.


04. Your health

It’s better to let everyone assume you’re ready to go and feeling productive, unless you’re not.


05. Family drama


They’re your family and you love them, but why should other people know how colorful they can be?


06. Your feelings about the company and management

Most of the time you enjoy your coworkers and higher-ups, so no one needs to know that sometimes you cant help but think of them like this.


07. Your exit strategy

If they have any idea you’re on your way out, they may start making plans. Instead of jumping, you could find yourself pushed.


08. Your plot to climb to the top of your company

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Obviously, you can’t sneak up on them if they see you coming, right?


09. Doubts about yourself

Everyone feels like an impostor now and then. Don’t let anyone know you’re not sure about yourself. You can do the job.


10. Struggles with personal choices

These are just none of your coworkers business.

In addition to keeping your work rep pristine, not sharing the above will leave you something with which you can horrify and disturb your close friends. (Who probably already know all this stuff about you.)



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