TINYpulse tips: organizing feedback with tags

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Dec 1, 2015

As your employees learn the value of providing anonymous feedback through TINYpulse, you'll see you a large volume of survey responses, Virtual Suggestions, and Cheers for Peers. Keeping the responses organized to streamline workflow and categorize themes can make managing responses much more efficient. Fortunately, with the tagging feature, you'll have the proper tools to sort your responses and keep track of feedback over time. We'll go into further detail below about how to use and optimize the tagging feature. 


Adding a tag is simple. After finding a Virtual Suggestion or Response that you'd like to tag, select Take An Action  to the right of the response. From here, you can create a tag to organize the feedback. You can choose one of our default tags or create one of your own. Our default system tags are Important, In ProcessOn Holdand Resolved. By typing one of our system tags or a tag you've created into the space provided, it will automatically populate with the assigned color of that tag. 


We have also made it simple for you to manage different aspects of your tags. You can change the name and color of your tags, and also see which responses have had tags added to them. To navigate to the page where you can manage your tags, simply hover over Insights and select My Tags from the drop down menu.


 Once on the My Tags page, you'll have access to all your created tabs, as well as the default system tags. If you'd rather not have the system tags populate when you're adding tags to a response, you can choose to hide the system tag by clicking the button on the right. 


By clicking on the name of the tag, you can see all responses and feedback associated with that tag. This page displays a comprehensive view of the responses organized by tag. Now you can see what feedback is more needs to be actioned on and also view the responses by your own created categories, such as "Benefits", "Kitchen", and "Office".  Your tags will only be visible by you and not shared with other administrators in your account. 


You can always remove or add tags to any piece of feedback, as well as have multiple tags associated with the same piece of feedback.

With our most recent update, you'll also have the option to add tags to any Cheers for Peers that you or your employees have sent between each other. Most organizations use tags on Cheers for Peers to highlight trending culture valures. You'll see the option to add tag just below the Cheers for Peers itself. 


Now its easier than ever to manage the culture of your

As always, if you have any questions about how to use tags or any TINYpulse features, feel free to reach out to us via the live support chat in your account or email us at happiness@tinypulse.com.

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