TINYPulse Tips: How to Add Users

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Jan 7, 2016

Now that you've created your TINYpulse account, it's time to add your employees as users! We have very simple tools built in to allow you to add users in bulk with the click of a button. You also have the option to send a personalized message in your introduction email as well. 


The Add Users tool is easily accesible from the admin dashboard pictured below. 


From this page, you will see three different methods for adding users: Input email address, Customized email, and Copy link. Each of these methods accomplishes the same task of adding users but in slightly different ways. 

Input email address

The first tab is typically the easiest for adding employees. All you need to do is copy and paste a list of email addressess into the space indicated by the arrow below. You can also customize the emai message that is sent to your employees by typing into the box labeled "Your personal message." Please be careful to not delete the URL link contained within the body of the personal message. Once you have input your list of emails and you are satisfied with the email message, hit Send invitations at the bottom. Have your employees look for the message that came from us, then you'll be all set to go!


Customized Email

The second tab allows you to customize your message and send it out using your own email client. This method is best if you have a lot of employees and you're worried they may disregard an email from us here at TINYpulse. Edit the text as much as you'd like, then copy and paste it into an email. Just like the first method, avoid deleting the URL in the body of the message, as this link is the only way for your employees to get signed up. 


Copy Link

If you'd rather not use our email templates, feel free to simply copy and paste the link found on the last tab. You can put this link in an email to your team or on an intranet for users to click and sign up to receive TINYpulse going forward.


Any time you add a user, you will be billed a prorated amount until the end of your current subscription. You can read more detailed information on per-user pricing here. You can find a detailed list of your prorated cost by selecting Settings->Billing->History in the admin dashboard. 


Now that you're a master of adding users to TINYpulse, you can start making some positive changes to your company culture. If you ever need to add more than 200 users at or if you have anymore specific questions about user management, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager or email us at happiness@tinypusle.com

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