TINYpulse Tips - How to Create and Manage Filters

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Oct 19, 2015

Similar to segments, filters allow you to futher organize members by characteristics of your choosing. The main difference between segments and filters is that filters will only allow you to see an average of responses rather than qualitative results. This helps protect employee anonymity while still allowing you to dig deeper and unearth some potential hidden opportunities. Some examples of filters include gender, location, position, department, manager name, and high-potential employees. 

To access and manage filters, hover over the "Users" tab and select "Manage Filters" from the drop-down menu.



Once you're on the Manage Filters page, you'll be able to see which filters you've already created and also create new filters. Like segments, you can only see responses in filters if more than five users have submitted a response, so make sure you have enough users added in a filter.



To view users that have been added into a given segment, you'll need to navigate to any current or previous TINYpulse survey. From there, you can click on your organizaiton's name next to the small blue triangle. This will open up the "View Segments" and "Filter Users" tab. Simply select the segment and filters you want to use then hit "Apply" to view the selected filters in the results below.


Now that you've selected the filters you want to see, a report like the one below will appear. This view shows you a filtered average in comparison to your company's average as well as the benchmark (unless it's a custom question.) You can select as many filters as you'd like — but the data will only appear after five participants have responded. Filter views only display averages for quantitative (Scale, Yes/No) responses, so they won't appear for open-ended questions. 




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