TINYpulse is now Limeade Listening

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Feb 28, 2023

Same Vision, New Brand 

It is with momentous excitement that we introduce Limeade Listening – the new name and face of TINYpulse.  

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This next chapter for our company is part of our ongoing strategy to integrate and evolve while supporting plans for future product innovations. Limeade Listening will continue to consist of the same employee engagement and feedback capabilities our customers have grown to know and love, but with new additions in the form of enhanced product design and upgrades. 

A story of a rebrand 

Over 10 years ago, TINYpulse was born out of the simple idea that happier employees make happier friends, partners, parents, etc. To support this, our founders invented the pulsing method to give organizations the ability to listen to their people and understand how happy, frustrated, or burnt out they are so leaders can enact positive change. 

Fast forward to 2021, TINYpulse announced it was joining forces with Limeade, a world-class leader in the employee well-being space. For the last two years, TINYpulse and Limeade have collaborated to offer organizations a suite of employee well-being and engagement solutions to create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces. 

Why the name “Limeade Listening”?  

Limeade Listening more accurately reflects the full scope of the former TINYpulse product. Since “listening” is at the heart of what we do at TINYpulse, it’s the name that made the most sense. Not to mention it’s easier to remember and the alliteration sounds great.   

So, what’s next for Limeade Listening? 

We’re so glad you asked! Not only does the rebranding of TINYpulse come with a product makeover, but it also marks the launch of our 2023 product roadmap innovations, including the highly anticipated Manager Experience, designed to support managers in building high-performing and engaged teams.  

The new Manager Experience gives managers access to an overview of their team’s sentiment and engagement so they can detect potential problems before they happen. It also equips managers with customized, science-backed recommended actions and resources, as well as the ability to action plan, measure and share team progress over time.  

We’re also upgrading our Onboarding feature to help organizations increase employee retention and workplace satisfaction. HR leaders will have more flexibility in their ability to customize Onboarding surveys for new employees. Onboard 2.0 will also include more robust reporting, such as cohort analysis, text analytics, and new response filtering options. 

And that’s all before summer 2023! 

New year, new us! 

Change isn’t always easy, but our team couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter for our solution. The rebranding will allow us to continue moving the needle in the employee engagement space through innovation and new solutions that will empower our customers. 

Still have questions? We thought that might be the case, so we built this handy Limeade Listening Rebrand FAQ to answer your inquiries.

To learn more about Limeade Listening and other Limeade solutions, visit www.limeade.com or contact our sales team: tinypulsesales@limeade.com. 

Cheers to happier and healthier employees. 

The Limeade Listening Team 

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