TINYpulse Award Winner: Facilities Services Gurus Burnham Nationwide

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Mar 10, 2015

Lyleen Dauz of Burnham Nationwide Talks Employee EngagementCongratulations to Burnham Nationwide, the winner of the 2015 TINYpulse Raising The Bar Award for the Construction & Facilities Services industry. The Raising The Bar Award recognizes the company with the most improved employee happiness scores. So if there’s any company that’s can share advice on boosting employee engagement, it’s Burnham Nationwide.

Offering a complete array of permit, code, and inspection consulting services, Burnham Nationwide brings 20 years of experience in over 3,000 cities. Two of their leaders talked with us about how they invest in their people: Lyleen Dauz, who manages the San Jose office, which has a focus on solar energy; and James Kratochvil, who directs the Nationwide division in Chicago.

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Q: Tell us about some of the great things you do in your workplace that keep employees engaged and energized.

Lyleen: To keep employees engaged and energized is to really recognize them for all the hard work that they do, especially when times can be challenging. I believe when employees get recognized, it affirms that they are doing the right things and are doing a great job. Recognition will encourage employees to keep going and do better every day at what they do.

James: Lately we have been rather busy, but team outings and doing stuff together keep us close and engaged. We are a family, like it or not, as we see each other 45+ hours a week! We try to keep the office alive and joke/laugh a lot. Lastly food: bring in donuts — that always makes people happy!

Q: What are some of your favorite team-building events or activities your team has put together? 

Lyleen: Our weekly FMM (Friday Morning Meetings) incorporate team-building exercises that really get us jazzed up. These activities make us really think outside the box, and we come together to reflect on how we come to resolve these problems and how we can apply them in real situations at work. Activities range from communication, interaction, problem solving, and collaborating together as a team.

James: Due to time and location, we don't have much to choose, so I would say bowling.

James Kratochvil of Burnham Nationwide Talks Employee EngagementQ: How do you maintain engagement for employees during times of change and/or difficulty? 

Lyleen: To maintain engagement during challenging times and/or difficulty, one thing I think is important is to let team members know that they are supported when they need it the most. In addition to team meetings, we've incorporated regular staff meetings to discuss daily activities with ongoing projects. This gives team members the opportunity to open up freely and discuss any challenges they come across so that we can work together as a team to overcome those hurdles.

James: I try to fix their problems so they just have to worry about doing their part of the job. I'll take the slack so they don't get stressed or added pressure to an already pressure cooker job!

Q: When you think back to your time climbing up the job ranks, what got you really motivated to go the extra mile?

Lyleen: I really enjoy the industry I'm in and feel very passionate about it. I believe that some of the simple actions I do will shape and change the industry to move forward, which keeps my motivation going.

James: I would keep it simple. Coming in on time, working hard, and efficient (I like to think, at least), helping others when needed, and not saying the word “no.”

Thanks to Lyleen and James for sharing Burnham Nationwide’s story!



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