TINYpulse Joins Forces With Limeade

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Jul 19, 2021

david niu, TINYpulse, founder, Limeade

Nearly a decade ago, I convinced my wife to sell everything we owned, stuff the rest of our belongings in storage, and buy one-way tickets to New Zealand when our daughter was 10 months old to take a careercation.

While living out of two suitcases and visiting six countries, I was inspired to start TINYpulse with the simple idea that happier employees make happier parents, partners, children, friends, etc.

From that idea, we invented the pulsing category so organizations can listen to their people to understand how happy, frustrated, or burnt out they are so they can enact positive change.Fast forward to today, and I’m delighted to share that we’re joining forces with Limeade, a world-class leader in the employee well-being space.

Limeade’s CEO, Henry Albrecht, is also the Founder and such a like-minded individual. In fact, he was an early TINYpulse client and even spoke at TINYcon as well 👏

Given that early bond, we’ve always kept in touch especially since Limeade’s headquarters is only about 10 miles away in Bellevue, WA from our Seattle-based headquarters. We’d marvel about how much company culture and values matter for both of us, and we’d brainstorm about what the future of work will look like. 

It’s on this front that I’m particularly excited about combining our pulse listening capabilities with Limeade’s advanced well-being solution.

We both believe that the heart of employee experience is well-being, and the heart of well-being is listening. This drive to make people feel cared for fuels our passion for listening. We want people to know that their company cares about them as human beings.

It turns out that the biggest part of caring about employees is looking after their physical, emotional, financial and work well-being. So that’s what we’ll be doing.

I also want to give a Group Cheers to all the TINYpulsers and partners who made this possible.

Without your dedication, commitment, and sacrifice, we would not be in this position. The best is yet to come!

To happier employees,


PS:  many of you have asked if I’ll be taking another careercation, and the answer is a quick nope. I’m focused on bringing the best out from our two companies joining forces.

However, when I do take the next careercation, I’ll have one extra guy in tow that I didn’t have about 10 years ago.

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