Three Easy Ways To An Effective Performance Review

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Feb 5, 2015

iStock_000028235114_LargeOne of the biggest challenges of being a manager is having to do performance reviews for your employees. And that’s probably one of the reasons why you (and everyone else) loathes them so much.

But performance reviews shouldn’t be so painful. If done right, they can actually help your company become successful. Curious to find out how? We were too, so we asked managers for tips on how to make these reviews more efficient.

Let Employees Lead

According to this recent survey, 15% of employees believe that performance reviews are one-sided discussions lead by their manager. To solve this issue, Hank Boyer, President & CEO Boyer Management Group, advises managers to let employees lead the performance discussion.

To facilitate the discussion, he says to “Issue the completed evaluation to the employee three business days prior to holding the discussion [...] Few things are less effective than trying to hold a discussion while the employee is reading their evaluation for the first time.”

Allow employees to fully digest the information from the review so they can walk into the meeting with confidence that they’re not going to get any startling surprises.

Nurture Your Employees

Almost 50% of employees feel their employers aren’t invested in their career growth. So take a cue from Ellie Mirman, VP of Marketing Toast. She says to “set quarterly goals around skill development that factors into the discussion to make sure each employee is growing.”

Employees (especially millennials) want to be at an organization that encourages professional development. And when they don’t see any room for growth? You can bet they’ll move on to another company that’s willing to invest in their talent.

Kill The Time Lag

One of the biggest problems with performance reviews is that they’re not relevant. They take place annually or semi-annually when in actuality, feedback needs to be given ASAP. Lisa Mullen, Manager of Corporate Human Resources at Halogen Software, says, “The performance review process should be a year-round activity.”

23% of employees prefer to get feedback weekly, and 71% want is ASAP. This frequency might seem daunting, but having weekly informal check-ins takes a whole load off of annual performance reviews. “Managers should take the opportunity to discuss and record milestones, accomplishments, successes, and challenges as they occur, when the details are fresh.”

An effective performance review can do wonders for your organization’s success and employee’s success. So if you’re struggling with your employee reviews, then take a few cues from these leaders to transform your process.


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