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How This Company Used Employee Feedback to Build a Fun Work Culture

Written by Robby Berman | Nov 23, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Moneypenny is a call-answering service and a virtual switchboard for businesses, many of them in the automotive sector. Since high-quality service is vital to their success, they’re intent on holding onto their best employees.

For that reason, when it came time for a new headquarters in Wrexham in the UK, the firm questioned 500 of its employees about what would make their new $18 million, 91,000-square-foot work space most enjoyable. The answer includes a pub, a tree house meeting room, a huge atrium with stadium seating, a sun terrace, and a restaurant that provides gratis breakfast and healthy snacks, all situated on seven landscaped acres with a duck pond, orchards, and nature trails.

Here’s what it looks like:


The Atrium

SOURCE: adzuna.co.uk


SOURCE: yahoo.com


SOURCE: yahoo.com


SOURCE: dailypost.co.uk


The Tree House

SOURCE: placenorthwest.co.uk


SOURCE: bbc.com


The Amenities

SOURCE: newsdog.co.uk


SOURCE: dailypost.co.uk


SOURCE: wrexham.com


The Front of the Building

SOURCE: moneypenny.com


Wow. This is quite the place. It seems like Moneypenny achieved its goal: who’d want to go work anywhere else with such an amazing organizational culture?