These Are The Features You Need In Your Recognition Tool

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Jan 29, 2015

employees recognizing each otherThere's a good chance you’ve had an employee quit because they said no one noticed their hard work. Are they being selfish? No. Employee recognition can make or break an employee’s decision to stay.

But let’s face reality. Managers aren’t always around, and employees have a better understanding of their peers’ work. So why not give employees the power to recognize?

  • 44% of employees would use peer-to-peer recognition tools if made available (source)

  • 76% of employees found peer recognition very or extremely motivating (source)

Before you jump the gun and take the first recognition tool you see, keep in mind that not all tools are created equal.

Peers want to recognize. And they like it when their peers recognize them. But before you jump the gun and nab the first form of recognition you see, keep in mind that not all tools are created equally. These are the key features you should look for in a recognition tool:

  • Spread the power: As we mentioned earlier, managers aren’t always around to see all the details that go into a project. They miss out on most of the good stuff. So look for an easy-to-access tool that every employee can use.

  • Digital access: Papers get lost and cards are costly. So go digital. Whether it’s a desktop platform or mobile app, make sure employees (and managers too) can access the tool digitally at any time. This way, people don’t have to wait to get back to their desk or find sticky notes to give a shout-out.

  • Open 24/7: There’s no telling when something good happens. And people shouldn’t be limited in when they can perform a good deed. On weekdays, weekends, morning, or midnight, keep your tool available at all hours. You never know when something awesome will happen and you need to give someone a virtual pat on the back.

If the tool you’ve picked out has all of the above features, then you’ve struck gold. Now that you’ve got your tool, don’t forget to share the recognition with everyone to keep employees engaged and reinforce good behavior.



The Effects of Employee Recognition & Appreciation Report by TINYpulse
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