These 4 Bosses Nailed Employee Recognition

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May 16, 2015

iStock_000051129436_SmallWe’ve talked a lot about how employees are feeling devalued and underappreciated. But keep in mind that there is that 21% who do, in fact, feel strongly valued for their efforts, according to our 2014 Employee Engagement Report. So we want to highlight some stellar examples of how bosses made their workers feel valued through employee recognition.

Something Sweet

Elana Winchester, Communications & Marketing Coordinator at Areyvut, Inc., recalls the day she came into work feeling pretty down. “Having noticed my mood, my boss gave my coworker some money and asked her to take me out for ice cream at some point during the day. It's small gestures such as these that make employees feel important, comfortable, and appreciated within the working environment.”

We’re not telling you to buy ice cream for every single employee who’s feeling low. But rather, take notice of how your employees are feeling during the day. Whether they’re frustrated, happy, or disappointed, you should acknowledge their feelings to show that you truly do care about their well-being.

Say It Out Loud

Just a simple “thank you” really goes a long way, as Wesley Cherisien, Regional Manager at Generis Skincare, points out: “My boss has made me feel truly valued at work by showing appreciation for my projects through verbal affirmation. It is not always in a salary increase or bonus (though these are important) but telling your employees that they are smart, innovative, and truly exceptional at what they do. It works!”

New Call-to-action

Dallas Short, Senior Publicist & Digital Strategist at Indra Public Relations, can also attest to that. “My current boss says thank you at the end of every day. Though it might seem like a small thing, it does end the day knowing that I am (and my work is) appreciated.”

Actions Speak Louder

And sometimes it’s not even what you say but what you do. Sr. Content Marketing Writer Derek Handova says, “In my current workplace, my manager makes me feel valued and appreciated by including me in progressively higher levels of strategic information. As a content marketing writer, one of the bigger frustrations I encounter is getting only an incomplete picture of the company's business objectives and product roadmap. By proving myself worthy on lower-level assignments, I have been allowed into the inner sanctum of the marketing process, which I consider a privilege and a reward for good work.

“Working in a B2B technology company, the challenge is not getting in a rut and using the same buzzwords and empty jargon that everyone else in the industry uses. My manager keeps my perspective fresh by continuing to add to my job duties and also allowing me to participate in ad hoc creative projects as they come up, which has included drafting letters to regulators and internal communications for employees in relation to corporate financial engineering events.”

In the end, it all comes down to recognizing that your employee puts in so many hours to help your team succeed. So sprinkle in a few “thank you”s here and there to really show them how much they’re valued at the workplace.



The Effects of Employee Recognition & Appreciation Report by TINYpulse


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