The Top 10 Companies to Follow on LinkedIn

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Jan 19, 2016

The Top 10 Companies to Follow on LinkedIn by TINYpulseLinkedIn, as we know it, is the Internet’s custodian of online networking. The largest professional network on the web hosts more than 396 million members worldwide, which means that everyone and their moms are sharing their myriad of talents for the world to see.

In the age where information wants to be free, we can now boost our resumes, job search, stalk our high school peers and ex-coworkers, and promote our business all under one network. One could also say it’s the cheapest background check on the market.

For whatever reason you’re involved, we’ve curated a list of must-follow LinkedIn business pages that’ll populate your newsfeed with top interactive news and expert advice.


1. Yelp 

Industry: Internet

Company Size: 1001 - 5000 employees

Everyone knows Yelp, but not many people know their efforts toward helping local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Their LinkedIn page features not only company updates but also giveaways, fun events and contests.

Yelp LinkedIn - by TINYpulse


2. LinkedIn Slideshare 

Industry: Internet

Company Size: 51 - 200 employees

LinkedIn Slideshare is a visual utopia of knowledge, presented slide-by-slide via elite marketers worldwide. So it’s no surprise that their LinkedIn page has some of the most unique and interactive content on the web. If you’re a marketer of any sort, this is your place!

LinkedIn SlideShare - by TINYpulse


3. FohBoh 

Industry: Publishing

Company Size: 11 - 50 employees

Do you love food and tech as much as we do? Then FohBoh is your place. Their LinkedIn features news from the food-service industry, restaurant marketing hacks, cool foodie start-ups, and many more yummy updates.

FohBoh LinkedIn - by TINYpulse



4. H&R Block 

Industry: Retail

Company Size: 10,000+ employees

Who says taxes can’t be fun? As the world’s largest tax service provider, H&R knows what their audience needs. Their LinkedIn page is practically a FAQ page for everything the adults forgot to teach you when you were young. They also let us in on some cool tax-deduction secrets.

H&R Block LinkedIn - by TINYpulse


5. Prudential Financial 

Industry: Financial Services

Company Size: 10,000+ employees

Another prime example of a company utilizing its in-depth knowledge of a large field and showcasing it to their audience in a simple manner. You’ll find posts interviewing thought leaders, data points from special reports, and — you guessed it — investment news.

Prudential Financial - by TINYpulse


6. Mashable 

Industry: Online Media

Company Size: 201 - 500 employees

Understanding business means knowing who’s doing what where and when. Sprinkle some good timing and luck, and you’re on your way toward success. Mashable’s LinkedIn updates will keep you in the loop, from thriving business news to how to spice up your office space.

Mashable LinkedIn - by TINYpulse


7. Salesforce 

Industry: Internet

Company Size: 10,000+ employees

You and your customers are most likely using it, so you better know what’s coming your way any time a new CRM tool is hot on the market. Their LinkedIn news will keep you in the loop with all tech news, sales and management strategies, and more.

Salesforce LinkedIn - by TINYpulse



8. Articulate 

Industry: Computer Software

Company Size: 51 - 200 employees

Online learning, also known as e-learning, is, well ... huge. Articulate makes simple e-learning software for their thousands of global users. Whether you’re interested in online learning or not, this LinkedIn page will bring you useful tools for communicating with any audience online.

Articulate LinkedIn - by TINYpulse

9. Bitly 

Industry: Internet

Company Size: 51 - 200 employees

If you follow Bitly on LinkedIn, your newsfeed will truly be #blessed. Why? Because they provide you with fun and useful industry insights on social networks, marketing hacks, mobile optimization tips, and more. They also have a knack for humor.

Bitly LinkedIn - by TINYpulse


10. TINYpulse 

Industry: Computer Science

Company Size: 11 - 50 employees employees

Last but not least, TINYpulse. We know what you must be thinking: “Way to blatantly self-promote!” But in all seriousness, our LinkedIn page is pretty sweet. Our updates have you covered when you’re feeling blue in the office, when looking to trick your coworkers into thinking you’re the best thing since Post-It Notes, and most importantly, how to be a good leader.

TINYpulse LinkedIn





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