The Recruitment Strategies You Need To Snap Up 80,000 New Employees

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Feb 17, 2015

The Home Depot logoDo you need to fill some vacant positions in your company? How about 80,000 of them? That’s what The Home Depot plans to do in order to prepare for a busy spring season. The recovery of the economy, and specifically of the housing market, means that the company is expecting plenty of business, and they need to get the employees to meet that demand.

Hiring tens of thousands of employees calls for excellent recruitment strategies. Not only do you need a huge number of applicants, but you also need to make sure they’re the right people for your company and culture—because the only thing harder than finding 80,000 employees is finding them and their replacements when they don’t work out.

That's why you need to find candidates who are the right fit for your organization. As the American Psychological Association found, having the right people goes a long way toward employee retention:

  • 57% of employees cite coworkers as a reason they stay with their employer
  • 46% of employees cite managers as a reason they stay with their employer

The Home Depot made a jobs website just for this hiring push, including interview tips to potential applicants. This page isn’t just about giving candidates advice, of course. It’s also about making sure the right candidates apply. Take a look at their tips:

1. Take some time to research The Home Depot.

From the get-go, the message is clear: applying here doesn’t mean getting any old job that will pay the bills. The company wants candidates who know what The Home Depot is about and who want to work for a company with its particular history and culture.

2. Relax and be yourself.

Their explanation of this tip uses words like “personality” and “enthusiasm.” These are the words of a company that wants its workforce to contribute to its culture and be active participants in the organization. They want applicants to show their personality during the interview so both sides can be sure it’s a good match.

3. Tell us what’s unique about you.

The Home Depot puts diversity right in its company values: Respect for All People. This isn’t a place where everyone needs to look or act the same way, and they’re letting applicants know this at the very beginning of the process.

4. Be ready to share how you like to serve customers.

Excellent Customer Service is The Home Depot’s number one core value. They don’t want applicants who just have the experience listed on their resume, but those who demonstrate their passion for it and will go the extra mile for customers.

So even if you’re not looking for 80,000 new hires, take a page from The Home Depot’s book. Whether you’re recruiting thousands of employees or just one, you want to make sure that every single person you bring on is the right person for your company.



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