The New Wave of Performance Management

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Feb 24, 2016

The Next Generation of Performance Management by TINYpulseThe Problem

Here’s the problem: it’s 2016, and the workforce is changing, business practices are changing, workplace dynamics are changing. But performance management processes aren’t changing.

Over the years we’ve listened extensively to the pain points of our customers with their current performance management practices. And do you know what? No one likes annual performance reviews. Traditional annual performance reviews are inadequate. They’re biased towards recent work, goals aren’t communicated clearly, there’s misalignment in objectives between organizations and employees, and quite simply, the whole process just takes too damn long.

We’re calling for a revolution. Our vision is to create a solution that facilitates regular, transparent conversations between employees and managers, resulting in higher-performing and happier employees. And we’d love for you to join us.


The Product

Our solution is TINYpulse Perform: the simple, effective, and transparent solution to eliminate the annual performance review. Stay up to date all throughout the year by setting goals, rating performance, and providing coaching tips and feedback. Consistent one-on-ones between managers and employees are crucial in achieving the highest level of employee engagement and performance. TINYpulse Perform is the tool to guide you through these conversations.

In full disclosure, this is an early product, so we’d like to invite you to help us build it. Our organization is built on honest feedback, so our commitment to you is that we’ll listen to any and all feedback that you have. We can't promise that we'll make every request a reality, but we’ll most certainly be listening and making changes very quickly.

TINYpulse Perform is available today and will start you down the road of revolutionizing your performance management practices. But this is just a sliver of what’s to come. Here’s a taste of the features you can expect to see within the next six weeks:


Simply forward your performance-related emails to TINYpulse Perform, and they will automagically appear in your Feedback inbox. No more messy printouts, manila folders, or handwritten notes needed to keep track of everything.


Think about this as your all-in-one inbox for performance-related information. It consolidates 360 Feedback, Cheers, and any emails that you have synced to Perform. From here you can attach any of these files to a goal in order to provide more details about progress and achievement.

360 Feedback

Send feedback requests to teammates, managers, or even to people outside of your direct organization. Their candid feedback can be attached to goals or simply used to make adjustments.

Updated goal configurations

Wait until you see the updated goal sections. Don’t want to rate goals weekly? By popular demand, you’ll be able to set the rating period based on your own schedule. Other updates include goal milestones and a “complete” status to celebrate your success in achieving your goals.

Cascading goals

Here’s another feature that’s being added as a result of your awesome feedback. Most organizations today are hierarchical. The cascading goal feature will allow one person to set a shared goal for all of the teams below them in the org chart. Think CEOs, VPs, and directors. Now they can set a goal for their company or segment and cascade it to all of the teams under their leadership.

Improved user management

View your organizational hierarchy and allow employees to set multiple managers. We’re creating a holistic organizational view that can be leveraged by CEOs, HR managers, etc., so they can get the big picture of the performance of their organization. 

We’re excited about what’s to come, and we hope you are too.




The Truth Behind Performance Reviews by TINYpulse


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