The Most Bizarre Moments at Work

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Feb 15, 2016

The_Most_Bizarre_Moments_at_Work_1When it comes to the workplace, we all have our stories — some are inspirational, some make us laugh, and some just leave us questioning humanity. We ran across this gem of a thread on Quora where people shared their most bizarre moments at work. And it was just too good not to share.

Let's all be glad that we didn't have to experience these situations:


The Instagram Stalker

Kathy Cho was left dumbstruck when a colleague in a completely different department made a formal complaint about her to HR. For what? Deleting said colleague off of Kathy's Instagram account.


The Desk Drama

The Most Bizarre Moments at Work - by TINYpulseSOURCE:

Jon Mixon was working alongside two colleagues that just didn't get along with each other.

"One day, the younger of the two women suddenly jumped up and dragged her entire desk (a large wooden affair) out of the office they shared and into the common area of our job trailer. When I say dragged her desk out, this woman was wearing a business suit and heels. She was dragging a heavy piece of office furniture slowly through a narrow doorway and into the middle of a open conference area."

Of course, she was called into a closed-door meeting with her project manager and told to move her desk to along the wall in the common area. That was her home for the next four weeks until the project manager was able to have headquarters send out a replacement.


The Two-Faced Sociopath

Our next story comes from an anonymous source. Their director proved to be quite the obstacle to work with. Over the course of two years, the director publicly berated employees, turned colleagues against each other, and bribed junior employees to spy on their managers in return for promotions. Now, if that doesn't sound bad enough, there's more!

"The worst of these was her two-year campaign to fire me through HR. I was put on a performance improvement plan and was held to a standard that no other colleague was held to. She actually told me I was to make no single mistake on anything, ever.

"When I met those standards and passed the PIP, more problems were fabricated time and time again. When I finally proposed the solution of moving departments, she refused. Some of the issues that she had with me were: I took two long lunches in two years that went 15 minutes after an hour. When I started eating at my desk because of this, I was reprimanded for excessive Internet usage during my lunch hour. Keep in mind that there are no employee policies on lunch hours or Internet usage. After a while, both HR and my manager got frustrated because it was clear that she wanted me out but they didn't have any reason to fire me.

"When I eventually quit, she threw me a lunch, publicly praised me, and told me she would miss me. When the lunch was over and everyone had left, she told me to leave immediately."


The Nail Biter

The Most Bizarre Moments at Work - by TINYpulseSOURCE:

And the winner goes to this anonymous submission: "A girl biting her toenails."


If you have any bizarre stories about the workplace to share, please do so in the comments below!




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