The Impact Recognition Has on Coworker Relationships


Work communityPeers are the biggest influencers in creating an engaging workforce. When everyone shares the same values and beliefs, they form a culture that functions as a tight-knit community — people support, encourage, and motivate each other.

So it’s no surprise that the more valued an employee feels, the higher they rate their colleagues (r = 0.47).


And it goes without saying that the more recognition an employee receives, the more valued they feel at work:

“Ive received emails from my colleagues for the emails Ive composed to the manner in which I managed project executions. The positive feedback is very rewarding.”

“My peers often say thanks or tell me when they feel Ive done a great job.”

“I appreciate the cheers from the staff. As part of management I dont really look for recognition, but my partners and many of my team have kind words and good things to say. Makes everything we do worth it.”

So there’s a remarkable cycle that occurs with peer-to-peer recognition. The more recognition an employee receives from their colleagues, the more valued they feel and the higher they would rate their coworkers because of the initial recognition they received.



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Sabrina Son

Sabrina Son

September 10, 2016



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