The Future of Corporate Learning [SlideShare]

1 min read
Jul 3, 2016

"Our candidates today are not looking for a career . . . they're looking for an experience."

The_Future_of_Corporate_Learning_1.jpgWith the rise of millennials in the workplace, professional development is now a big player in an employee's decision to stay or jump ship at any organization. Gone are the days where workers were content doing the same task and staying in the same role day in day out. Now, people are looking for progression, for experiences that they can use to pad their resumes and move up the corporate ladder. And if your organization isn't ready to offer them, just be prepared for high turnover because employee development is an often overlooked employee retention strategy.

Josh Bersin, Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, put together this SlideShare highlighting the trends that are shaping the future of corporate learning. TINYpulse



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