The Driving Factor Behind 2 Million Employees Quitting Every Month

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Mar 28, 2015

iStock_000015218300_SmallIn 2013, the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics found that more than two million Americans are leaving their jobs every month. And our own TINYpulse research found that 33% of employees are thinking about looking for a new job every two weeks. So why are so many employees calling it quits?

Career development. Our Engagement Report found that 66% of employees don’t feel like they have strong opportunities for professional growth in their current organizations. And if employees aren’t going to be challenged at your workplace, you can bet they’ll look for challenges elsewhere.

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Redundant Routines

As a leader, you may think it’s easy to just keep an employee doing the same old task because they’re really good at it. And while you’re gaining maximum productivity out of them, you’re also losing their interest.

Avoid making your employee feel stuck. By keeping them doing the same routine day after day, you’re limiting them. They aren’t learning anything new nor are they gaining any new skills.

Rotational Programs

The Society of Human Resources Management reports that career advancement is a top contributing factor to employee happiness. And if your organization doesn’t have a huge budget, rotation programs are the perfect solution.

With these programs, employees would spend a few weeks working on a different team or a different department. Doing this will open a whole new set of skills for your employee that they would not gain had they been stuck doing the same routine. And if you move them to a new department, they’ll get to see the business from a different angle.

Try This Task

If you’re not ready to make the commitment to a rotation program, there is another option: give your employee something new to work on.

Is their current responsibility to design graphics for desktop websites? How about flipping that task and having them design graphics for mobile websites? Even though it’s just a slight change, your employee will still learn something new. And you’ll get rid of that feeling of redundancy.

Development is one of the greatest employee retention strategies around. Employees want to learn new skills and feel like they’re advancing in their career. And most of all, people don’t want to feel like they’re boxed in at work. Shake it up a bit, and give them something new to work on.



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