The Different Outlook on Performance Reviews by Gender

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Mar 21, 2016

The_Different_Outlook_on_Performance_Reviews_by_Gender_1In a previous TINYpulse poll on performance reviews, we learned that women are more likely to undergo a performance review. In that poll, 70% of women said they have some type of annual review, while only 59% of men said they did.

Given the large pay disparity between men and women, and that women are underrepresented as a share of managers, chief executives, and board members, we wanted to find out if performance reviews are similarly biased against women.

We found that women are more apprehensive about reviews and may be less comfortable discussing performance with senior- or executive-level leaders.

21% of women fear their performance review, while only 14% of men do.



Only 29% of men want their direct manager involved in a review, while 40% of women do.



Only 13% of women want the executive team involved in the review, while 19% of men do.



The Truth Behind Performance Reviews by TINYpulse

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