The Most Unique Employee Engagement Events Ever

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Aug 19, 2016

Unique employee engagement ideas

Organizations that make employee engagement a top priority will almost certainly perform better than their peers that drown their staff in work without thinking twice. Why? Engaged employees are happier and more productive than their counterparts who dread showing up to work every day.

How confident are you in your company’s employee engagement efforts? Here are four examples of the most unique employee engagement initiatives ever: 

The era of peer and personal accountability


01. Limeade builds a culture around well-being

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, stress impacts 57% of an employees work performance. And Limeade understands how well-being impacts an employees performance and engagement at work.

Through Limeades corporate wellness technology, employees earn points and rewards for participating in challenges that are both personal and team oriented. Companies using Limeade have challenged their employees to do push-ups every day or eat healthy for a month. So their wellness program isnt only about pushing employees to be their best, its also about building bridges between team members.


02. Zappos pays its employees to leave

You may have heard that Zappos — the online shoe retailer owned by Amazon — regularly offers its employees $2,000 to quit. The reasoning is simple: employees who decide to stick around care more about their jobs than a cool and easy two grand, which means they’re more engaged. Because engaged employees are more productive than their unmotivated peers, it’s not hard to see why a company with Zappos’s resources might decide to do something like this.

Fast-forward to 2015 when the company was changing the way it was structured. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh offered his employees three months’ severance and three months of health insurance if they weren’t onboard with the restructuring. When the dust settled, 14% of his staff decided to hit the dusty trail. As for the people left over? They loved their jobs so much they turned down three months’ worth of pay to leave.


03. FullContact offers its employees paid paid vacation


It’s impossible to produce at your full potential in perpetuity without a break. Everybody needs to take time off every now and again in order to recharge their batteries and avoid burning out at work.

So how can you actually encourage your workers to take vacations? If you need inspiration, look no further than FullContact. Not only does the company give its employees 15 paid days off, it also pays its employees to take those days off — assuming they’re actually going on vacation.

You heard that correctly: FullContact gives each of its employees $7,500 annually to go on vacation. There are some stipulations, however. The money has to be spent on vacation, workers have to disconnect, and they can’t do any work. Suddenly, that dream trip to Hawaii becomes something you can do every single year.


04. Google and the concept of 20% time

It’s no secret that folks from all walks of life have dreams of one day working for Google. In fact, the company receives upwards of 75,000 job applications each week.

Here’s a rumor of sorts you may or may not have heard of: Googlers spend 80% of their time doing their actual jobs and 20% of their time doing whatever they feel like doing. Some folks say that 20% time is more of a myth than anything else. But there’s enough evidence to suggest it exists — at least in some capacity.

Doing the same thing over and over can get boring — and quickly. Google understands this perfectly, which is why the company lets its employees spend at least a small chunk of their time focusing on projects that fall outside the scope of their general job responsibilities.



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