The Best Ways To Improve Employee Feedback

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Jan 20, 2015

listening to employee feedbackDo you want the good or bad news first? Everyone always chooses “good” because no one wants to hear negative news. But with employee feedback, you can’t pick and choose. The good, bad, and the ugly—whatever the tone of the feedback, you have to listen to them all. Here are ways you can get your employees to truthfully spill the beans.

Shut The Door

The open-door policy doesn’t always work. Why? Employees fear negative consequences if they were to walk into their manager’s office and open up about how they really feel.

Use surveys and keep them anonymous. Surveys unlock a treasure trove of feedback. Employees can voice their opinions and not fear any retribution. You’ll uncover issues you weren’t aware of or even ones you never would have thought would ever arise. 18% of employees who responded to feedback surveys responded with suggestions. If you’re not asking for feedback, you’re losing chances for cultural improvement.

Do It Over, And Over, And Over Again

You can’t just ask or send out a survey once. Sure, you might get some great responses your first time around. But change is constant. So keep feedback consistent. And keep it frequent. This is the only way you can keep up with your employees. Through constant solicitation, you’ll be able to pick apart the various issues that come up through different situations.

Get Out And About

Maybe you just need a change of scenery. Employees might feel that being truthful in the office should be avoided. That workers should just nod their head and say “yes” to everything. But we know that they’re actually cringing on the inside.

Consider taking a team lunch or mingling at a company party. While the employee is feeling comfortable, they’re more willing to speak up. Not only will you learn a thing or two about the employee, but you’ll also be able to squeeze a few work-related topics out of them.

All About Action

After listening and taking in their feedback, don’t just brush it off. Earn their trust by following up on these concerns or suggestions. Work with employees to find solutions so they know their feedback is being valued. Failure to act will result in employees feeling that voicing their opinions was futile.

What your employees have to say is valuable. Give them the opportunity to voice their feedback so you can improve your organizational culture and create a work environment that’s engaging.


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