The 9 Social Media Recruitment Strategies You Need To Know

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Nov 5, 2014

Screen_Shot_2014-11-05_at_6.13.17_PMIt’s not enough these days to post a job listing on your company website and hope that the candidate of your dreams will apply. You have to take your listing to where your candidates media. Each property has its own unique feature that you'll want to leverage for maximum gain. 


  1. Leverage your network: If you have a great job, ask your followers to share it out. Just don’t do it too often. That gets annoying.

  2. Rejoice in hashtags: Those little “#” symbols before every word count. Use them. If you’re posting about a marketing job in Atlanta consider #Marketing #Job in #ATL. And if you need a little guidance with which hashtags to use, try a tool like Hashtracking.

  3. Search for colloquialisms: If you want to do outreach to potential recruits, know the local lingo. For instance, while a developer on LinkedIn might say Ruby on Rails, on Twitter expect RoR. Or they might use Jet City instead of Seattle.


  1. Try out Facebook ads: People share so much on Facebook, use it to target them. Do you need someone with a certain degree, someone that lives in a particular city, someone 2 years out of college, someone with a penchant for dipping french fries in ice cream? If you want them, Facebook has them. Its robust ad platform lets you target exactly who you want, and remove anyone you don’t.

  2. Create a Jobs Tab: There are countless apps that let you add a Jobs tab to the top of your Company page. Link Up is just one example. This helps put your open jobs in front of the people who love your company and its products the most.

  3. Leverage your employees’ networks: If your company is filled with Millennials, they have Facebook profiles. Encourage them to share posts with their friends. Often the best candidates come from word-of-mouth referrals.


  1. Test LinkedIn Recruiter: Do you want access to the entire network of professionals on LinkedIn? You can have it...for a price. Depending on your needs, LinkedIn offers a few plans to personally connect with that perfect candidate. If you do commit to spending money, try their Recruiter Lite version first. It’s only $100 per month and probably has most of the features you need.

  2. Target candidates with ads: Just like Facebook, people share all about their professional lives on LinkedIn. Use this shared information to target individuals at specific companies and with specific job titles.

  3. Take advantage of Groups: Imagine talking to a whole bunch of people who do exactly what you’re looking for. There’s a LinkedIn Group for that. Let’s say you’re looking to recruit an inbound marketer. You’d want to join the Inbound Marketers Group which has nearly 115,000 members! Groups can get pretty niche, which is great when you’re searching for a very particular type of individual.

Sure, it can be intimidating to get up and running all at once. So try just a couple recruitment strategies from one social network first. Once you feel comfortable, ramp up to your next network. You’ll be amazed at the candidates you’ll get with your newfound reach.



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