The 7 Reasons You Need To Hire Millennials Today

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Feb 25, 2015

iStock_000036696358_SmallWhen you hear about millennials in the workplace, it gives you a slight chill down your spine, right? Well, we don’t think you should be scared. Instead, you should be excited about them. This young generation has a lot to offer the workplace—from financial to tech knowledge. Here are seven advantages of having millennials at your organization:

  1. They’re motivated: A survey by the Kenan-Flagler Business School found that 65% of millennials rank personal development as the most important factor in their career. This generation’s motivated, and they will quickly jump onto any opportunity that you throw at them.

  2. They’ve cost-effective: For millennials, money isn’t their biggest motivator. In fact, 72% are willing to sacrifice higher pay for a fulfilling career. We’re not saying to pay them little-to-nothing. Millennials still value a good salary, but it’s not the biggest factor for them.

  3. They’re team players: Millennials are a “we” generation. They want to work together, and they work best that way. Imagine all of the innovative thinking that can happen when your employees rally together to brainstorm.

  4. They’re well educated: This young crowd is the most educated generation out there. Roughly 34% of them hold a bachelor’s, master’s, professional, or doctoral degree. So ahead and pick their brains—there’s a wealth of knowledge in there.

  5. They’re tech-savvy: As digital natives, this generation was born with technology in their hands. They’re 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters of technology than their older counterparts. Let them give Gen X and boomers a few lessons on how to efficiently leverage technology.

  6. They’re charitable: Half of this workforce want to work for a business with ethical practices. When you send out your millennials on volunteer events, you’re also building bridges within the community. With the current criticisms of capitalism, this is an ideal opportunity to show the community that you’re not just in business for the money.

  7. They’re listeners: Gen Y doesn’t only want feedbackthey need it. This means that they’re willing to listen to your guidance and trust that you’re pushing them in the right direction.

It’s true that millennials are a different kind of beast in the workforce. But their presence will only enhance your organization’s culture, as long as you keep their different work style in mind.


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