The 5 Must-Have Factors To Attract Year Of The Sheep Employees

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Feb 20, 2015

iStock_000056411958_SmallLet’s light some firecrackers and chow down on mooncakes to celebrate the Year of the Sheep. As the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac, this creature can be referred to as a sheep or ram. But whatever you call it, we all know there are certain traits that come along with these signs. Here are five factors that people born during the Year of the Sheep are looking for in any organizational culture:

  1. Skip surprises: This sign isn’t very fond of sudden changes or impulsive decisions. Establish strong core values that you use for making every business decision. That way, the Sheep knows you’re not just making decisions out of the blue.

  2. Clear direction: Just like how Sheep don’t like impulsive decisions, they also prefer a clear direction. Make sure these employees are aware of your organization’s direction, vision, and mission so they are also aligned with the business goals.

  3. Please and thank you: Year of the Sheep people are very considerate. Leverage their kindheartedness by creating a culture with peer-to-peer recognition. They want to make sure their colleagues are getting the appreciation they deserve.

  4. Collaboration station: Sheep are flock animals. So naturally, people born this year prefer to be in groups. But keep in mind that Sheep are the quiet type and prefer not to be the center of attention. Provide a collaborative environment for these folks, and they’ll thrive working with their peers.

  5. Creativity crown: Besides being the most well-liked sign, the Sheep is also the most creative out of the Chinese zodiac. Give these innovators hack days or time to work on their own projects. Or even better: let them share their out-of-the-box ideas. They have quite a few up their sleeves.

While Year of the Sheep has specific traits and desires, their wish list is actually beneficial for your organization. Having a deliberate culture, using peer recognition and offering collaboration and creativity—these are all factors that any zodiac sign can appreciate.



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