3 Upcoming Trends For Employee Retention

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Feb 9, 2015

iStock_000024272920_LargeJanuary and February are big months when it comes to recruitment. If you’re a manager, then you probably have a love-hate relationship with this peak: on the one hand, you’re able to reel in new employees.

The downfall? Because companies are in a hiring spree during these two months, this also means your own employees might be flocking to competitors. So how can you keep these rock stars sticking around? Here is what industry leaders are predicting employee retention will look like in 2015:

  1. More training: Bobbi Moss, Senior VP & General Manager of Govig & Associates, says “We’ll see more companies investing in growth and development programs. These programs are important, especially for more tenured employees who may feel they are becoming stale. This might mean offering off-site seminars, workshops, or bringing professionals to the company.”

  2. Self-bonuses: Chuck Solomon, MSW Director of Human Resources & Recruiting at BountyMiner, has observed a very interesting trend: “Companies are offering internal employees a cash incentive to self-refer themselves to a different position within their own company.”

  3. Goals and more goals: “Setting individual OKRs (objectives and key results) [...] Constantly learning and improving upon where employees have been in a productive setting,” says Jennifer Riggs from Management30.com.

So from the looks of it, these leaders are seeing development as the prime strategy for retaining employees. If you want to prevent your employees from joining your competitor, then give keep them around by offering extra training and opportunities to grow with your company.



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