TED 2016 Dream: Leadership Insights From Day 3

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Feb 17, 2016

CbdcTzbUAAAdfe2How much are you willing to change? Scratch that. How much are you willing to take action? As a leader, you need to be agile. There's no winning by staying stagnant on anything — from your culture to the ideas you implement. That's what day three at TED 2016 has taught me.


Leaders Lose When They Stand Still

Although Al Gore's speech revolved around climate change, this quote really resonated with me — the idea that taking action isn't a one-and-done deal.

If you're a leader who is resistant to change, not agile, and unwilling to act on employee feedback, you may as well step down now. You never know what tomorrow will bring, despite how diligent you are with tracking metrics. Sometimes, there are factors that we have absolutely no control over. Because of those unpredictable agents, you need to always be on your feet.

And even if you've made changes in the past, keep in mind that those changes are never a one-and-done deal. If this sounds tiresome to you, then you can't call yourself a true leader.

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