The Woes of Suggestion Boxes, as Told by Comics

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Aug 31, 2016

Suggestion box


 The good ol' suggestion box. You'll typically find it in a dark corner of the break room, covered in dust. Maybe there are even one or two suggestions that have been sitting in the box for the past year. Let's be real. For the most part, these boxes are where suggestions go to die.

So with that said, here are a few other pain points about traditional suggestion boxes:


01. The feeling of futility

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When suggestions disappear into a locked box, it's like they've just been sucked into a black hole, where they'll never be found. And because these suggestions are locked inside a box, management has no accountability to address them. Why? Because no one other than you knows there's a slip of paper inside the dingy box.


 02. They're not all that anonymous



When you walk up to that box with a slip of paper in hand, you either have two scenarios. One is going into stealth mode and waiting until everyone clears the room before quickly dropping in your suggestion. The other would be walking up to it with everyone watching your every move and whispering, "What do you think she wrote about?"


03. Suggestions aren't taken seriously

Suggestion box

Remember that lack of management accountability? If the leadership team isn't being transparent about what suggestions come in, then they can easily sweep them under the rug — or in this case, dismiss them with a snort.


04. Feedback isn't welcomed



Change is hard. We get it. And sometimes feedback is difficult to swallow. But it doesn't mean the leadership team should squash them completely. A business may start from the founder's idea, but it needs an army to thrive and beat out the competition.




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