Spur Millennials On With These Collaboration Tools

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Dec 18, 2014

millennials collaborating at work

Millennials in the workplace. They’re all about innovation and won’teven take a second glance at traditions. If you’re looking for ways to keep this generation engaged and satisfied then it’s time to implement some new tools that inspire creative collaboration.

These recent findings from IdeaPaint give us a better understanding of how Gen Y feels about working with others:

  • Almost 38% feel that outdated collaboration processes hinder their company's innovation

  • 82% of respondents believe that brainstorming meetings are effective

  • 74% surveyed prefer to collaborate in small groups to generate big ideas

What this generation is trying to tell us is that the tried-and-true method of brainstorming shouldn’t be tossed out of the window. They just want something that’s tailored to their generation: technology. Consider these tools that aim to keep that tech-savvy crowd connected at work:

Slack: Despite its counterintuitive name, Slack aims at streamlining communication. This platform delivers that spontaneity that this young crowd craves, while integrating the familiarity social networking features.

  • Customized, hashtag-based channels to categorize company-side conversations

  • Instantly chat with colleagues through group or private messages

  • Upload files for immediate feedback

Yammer: Easily defined as Facebook’s workplace counterpart, Yammer’s interface is modeled after the social networking site (again, familiarity). This creates a non-traditional social setting for millennials to dish out their ideas.

  • Newsfeed that displays important messages

  • Private messaging to cut down on emails

  • Ability to create groups for team discussions

  • Immediately share files with colleagues

Basecamp: Designers, writers, and producers flock to Basecamp. It’s not a social networking tool, but this online platform allows people to manage projects in one centralized location and provides a more open collaboration, perfect for Gen Y.

  • Manage individual projects from start to finish

  • Customized message boards allow people with different roles and responsibilities to communicate with each other

  • Ability to share files for collaboration

IdeaPaint: Not tech-oriented, but IdeaPaint is dry erase paint that transforms any surface into a collaboration canvas. 

  • Empowers employees to contribute ideas in an open space

  • Encourages spontaneous collaboration on ideation

Millennials aren’t trying to disrupt the workplace with their hashtags, instant messages, and smartphones. On the contrary, they’re enhancing it. If you’re struggling with ways to collaborate with this unique generation, think about how they’ve grown up with technology and include that aspect into their workday. You’ll be surprised with the fury of creative ideas just waiting to be unleashed.



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