3 Ways to Make Social Media Your Secret Weapon for Engagement

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Apr 3, 2015

3 Ways to Make Social Media Your Secret Weapon for EngagementBy now, most companies know that social media can be a powerful force to attract new clients. But statistics are showing that social media can be just as powerful within a company, engaging the current workforce.

According to LinkedIn, the top socially engaged companies are reaping dividends from their commitment to social media:

  • 20% of socially engaged companies are more likely to retain talent
  • 27% of employees at the top socially engaged companies are far more likely to be optimistic than other companies
  • 20% of employees are more likely to feel inspired by their company based on social media engagement
  • 39% of employees at socially engaged companies feel more connected with coworkers outside of their core teams

But engaging your employees via social media doesn’t just mean opening up a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile and hoping for the best. Social media needs to be a structured and well-maintained piece of the company’s strategy to see results. Your company culture will dictate every single thing that appears on any social media feed you run.

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Here are the three major elements to a social media strategy that boosts employee engagement.

Social Media Is a Two-Way Street

Social media posts are not a shout into the void. If the majority of your employees are on Facebook, you should be on Facebook too. For example, some companies may not think twice about Instagram, but Socialbakers shows that the platform is exploding, with a post engagement rate that far, far exceeds Twitter: 3.31% to 0.07%. And the benefit of Instagram is that it allows companies room to tell a story with images that can portray a brand far better than any words.

But remember: it’s not all about self-promotion. Just like in real life, conversations on social media should be a back-and-forth. Respond when employees and customers mention your brand. Start conversations. Post quizzes and polls, and run live Q&As.

Pay Attention So You Can React Quickly

There's no avoiding it: a social media presence opens you up to negative feedback. The best thing you can do is to respond quickly, which shows you care about the complaints.

"By responding quickly [to concerns] you build up an image of a business owner who cares about each customer and who can respond honestly to feedback and criticism by making changes," Dovev Goldstein, CEO of Moment.me told Inc.

Put a Face to the Company

A socially adept CEO knows that employees can be the most powerful brand ambassadors. According to LinkedIn, 38% of engaged employees are likely to share relevant company content with coworkers and customers. Empower them to do that. Giving your company a voice doesn’t just mean the voice of your CEO. It means humanizing the company as a whole.

So share photos of team outings, post major employee accomplishments, and allow employees to speak via social media accounts. 15% of socially engaged employees are more likely to feel proud about the leadership of their company.

And the top companies have already proven just how valuable that is for retention and employee state-of-mind.



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