6 Everyday Tips to Step Up Employee Motivation

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Dec 23, 2015

6_Everyday_Tips_to_Step_Up_Employee_Motivation_1It’s easy for employees to lose motivation over time. But great managers understand the importance of a motivated workforce all too well. Instead of having to babysit a dejected staff and micromanage everyone to make sure they’re doing their work, managers with motivated employees can always keep an eye toward the future.

Gallup says that 68.5% of American workers aren’t engaged — which means there’s absolutely no chance they’ll reach their full potential and maximize their productivity.

How motivated is your staff? Chances are there are at least a few folks on your team who could use a little extra encouragement. With that in mind, let’s take a look at six ways you can improve motivation in the workplace:


1. Let employees take naps

You can’t perform at your highest level when you’re exhausted. It’s really as simple as that, which is why more and more organizations are making use of nap pods and proactively encouraging their team members to get some shut-eye during the day. According to WebMD, napping can increase productivity. Why not give it a try?


2. Write personal thank-you notes for a job well done

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Offering generic praise to the entire team every couple of weeks during a meeting is a nice gesture, for example, but one that’s pretty empty. You don’t have to slip your employees $100 bills every time they do a good job. Sometimes taking the time to write a personal thank-you note — you know, with pen and paper — can go a long way towards showing appreciation.


3. Promote from within

When senior positions open up, first try to fill those roles with folks who already work at your organization. Doing so encourages employees to work as hard as they can with hopes they’ll one day find themselves on the receiving end of a promotion.


4. Be transparent

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Employees don’t like being in the dark about major issues, and they don’t like being blindsided about news, either. You can motivate your employees simply by keeping them abreast of everything that’s going on at your organization. Transparency is a great way to create a we’re-all-in-this-together kind of attitude.


5. Do fun things

All work and no play makes every office worker ever miserable. From time to time, show your employees how awesome you think they are by taking them out to fun events. Whether that’s a monthly happy hour, a nice dinner every quarter, or some other fun kind of event (e.g., rock climbing, snow tubing, or a sporting event) is up to you.


6. Work harder than your employees

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We’ve all had bosses who told us what to do but somehow didn’t seem to be doing much of anything themselves. Don’t be that person. If you want your employees to work hard, you’ve got to work harder. If you want your employees to show up on time, you need to show up earlier.

The above list is by no means complete. Employees can be motivated by free food, raises, more time off, flexible working arrangements — the list goes on and on. If want to drive employee engagement, reassess your operations to see what kinds of improvements can be made. You don’t have to revamp your organization overnight; you can start small.

But team members will assuredly notice any and all changes you make — and their corresponding uptick in output will serve as an example of their appreciation.



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