6 Tips for Being Productive While Working From Home

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Dec 8, 2015

6_Tips_for_Being_Productive_While_Working_From_HomeWith the holidays in full swing, a lot of employees will be working from home during the last few weeks of the year. How many exactly? According to a survey by BusinessWire, 57% of employees plan to work during the holidays. And we know that sometimes working from home comes with many distractions (laundry, TV, pets, etc).

The day before Thanksgiving, the marketing and PR team had the privilege to work from home. So here are a few tips from us to you for how to stay productive while working in your pajamas.


1. Make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable

When you're at the office, you can't hide from everyone's eyes. However, when you're at home, you feel at ease and are tempted to just work from your bed.

As our Community Manager, Neal, says, "I'm sitting on the floor, otherwise I would be hunched over. It's still very uncomfortable, which helps keep me focused on work."

Our Growth Marketing Manager, Shavkat, explains why you shouldn't get too comfy, "I have never worked on a couch; I think it's completely unproductive. I would find myself sleeping in 5 to 10 minutes. It's like meditation — if you don't sit straight, you'll fall asleep."

20151125_100727_2.jpgShavkat's home workstation


2. Surround yourself with inspiration

Like how you hang cheesy motivation posters in your cubicle, you need to surround yourself with something that'll inspire you. It's easy to move onto a household chore when you're, well, at home.

Social Media Associate, Naomi, keeps her favorite mug at her side throughout the day. 



3. Don't forget to move

Believe it or not, you're probably more active when you're at the office. Without any coworkers disrupting you, it's easy to stay seated for hours on end. But give yourself a break.

Marketing Director Laura has the best solution: "A bulldog workstation is the way to go. You're obligated to get up every three hours or so ... or else be left with a 'gift.'"




4. Make sure you're well equipped

What's worse than forgetting your laptop power cord at the office? To be most productive, you'll need to make sure you've brought along all the tools you'll need. Or in Cody's case, just put together a sweet setup, "I'm currently in pajamas with my laptop HDMI'd to my huge 65'' TV, while working using a wireless keyboard that has a trackpad."



5. Keep your reward nearby

Tempted to binge on Game of Thrones? Maybe you fancy a drink? Keep your end-of-day reward nearby. Think of it as keeping your eye on the prize after a full day's worth of work. Our head of marketing, Kevin, knows the right way to do it.


6. Find a workstation that works for you

Some like couches. Some like tables. As for me? I like standing. It keeps me alert and focused on the task at hand.


What are some tricks you have for staying productive while working from home? Share them in the comments section below!



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