3 Time-Wasting Activities You're Probably Doing at Work [Infographic]

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Jan 24, 2016

3_Time-Wasting_Activities_Youre_Probably_Doing_at_Work_Infographic_No matter what your profession is, it's rare to say that you spend the entire eight hours at work being productive. Unless you're a robot or a super-being, you need to give your brain a break here and there. But those are activities that are in your control.

Inevitable emails, meetings, and interruptions take a toll on your bottom line. In fact, the below infographic points out that employees waste two hours each day recovering from interruptions. It's no wonder our 2015 Employee Engagement Report found that a whopping 70% of employees don't feel like they're completely fulfilling their job role.

Check out which activities are wasting your time at work.


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Wasting time at work - by TINYpulse




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