Top 5 Signs Your Performance Review Process Needs an Overhaul

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Mar 30, 2016

Top 5 Signs Your Performance Review Process Needs an Overhaul by TINYpulseHow confident are you in the quality of your performance review process? Are you sure it’s as helpful as it can possibly be?

If you haven’t thought about its merits in quite some time, now is as good a time as any to assess the integrity of the way you handle performance management. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five signs that indicate it’s time to give your process a facelift.


1. All of your employees seem incredibly stressed

Does your entire workfoce seem anxious as their performance reviews inch closer? An office full of stressed-out workers doesn’t exactly sound like the most inviting environment.

If all of your employees dread their performance reviews, it’s time to update the process.


2. Your best workers don’t get any good feedback

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You have your rock-star employees, and you have the ones you wish would try at least a little bit harder. You might be tempted to shower praise on the best performers while drowning your worst ones in a sea of criticism.

No matter how good any particular worker is, they can almost certainly improve. If your best employees aren’t receiving any constructive criticism that can help them improve, your review process isn’t that useful.


3. Team members aren’t really growing between reviews

If you look back on historical data and see that you’re offering more or less the same feedback each time you review an employee’s performance, how can you expect your staff to develop professionally?

According to our Employee Engagement Report, only 25% of employees feel as though there are enough opportunities for professional development at their organizations. The news should be particularly troubling because millennials rank professional development as one of their top priorities at work.

If you don’t see measurable growth between reviews, chances are your team’s morale is suffering. Change your review process to make it more effective, and you could solve the problem.


4. Reviews happen once a year

Top 5 Signs Your Performance Review Process Needs an Overhaul by TINYpulseSOURCE:

There’s no sense in waiting for a specifically designated review period to let an employee know what they are doing correctly and incorrectly. When you only hold performance reviews once a year, you can miss out on opportunities to correct problems that are brewing before they develop into full-blown catastrophes. On the other side of the coin, when an employee does something incredible, there’s no sense in waiting months to let them know how good of a job they’ve done.

Instead of holding reviews once a year, consider assessing your workers much more frequently—maybe even once a quarter.


5. Your review process hasn’t changed in a decade

When’s the last time you put your performance review process under the microscope to determine what, if any, changes needed to be made?

For example, if you’ve not yet incorporated technology into your review process, what are you waiting for? Instead of reviews soaking up an enormous amount of your mangers’ time, you can use platforms that make the process incredibly more efficient. That way, managers won’t dread having to review their employees’ performance. The process becomes less painful, if not altogether painless.

Is it time for you to overhaul your performance review process? If so, the energy you invest up front will assuredly pay dividends down the line. With the right changes, your employees and managers will find the review process much more beneficial — a win-win for all involved.



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