The Top Reasons Why Employees Love Their Job

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Jan 27, 2016

Optimized-The_Top_Reasons_Why_Employees_Love_Their_Job_1Coworkers, culture, and creativity — the list for why people love their job can go on. And yes, happy employees do exist! And it takes organizations that value a person's contributions, unique talents, and desire for professional development.

We interviewed five different employees in five different industries what they love about their job.


So now ask yourself: are you happy at work? If your answer is anything but yes, why not be proactive and change things yourself?

Try out our new referral program! If you think your company needs help with engagement, culture, and employee feedback, let us know. All you need to do is submit the contact information for the point of contact at your organization, and voilà — we'll take care of the rest. Your identity will remain completely anonymous, so go ahead, make TINYchanges towards a better work environment.



Anonymous Employee Feedback - by TINYpulse

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