Perception of Opportunities For Career Progression by Gender

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Feb 12, 2016

Perception_of_Opportunities_For_Career_Progression_by_Gender_1Feeling boxed in at work is tiresome. No one wants to be stuck doing the same old routine day in and day out (unless that's what you're into). But professional development has a quite the impact on whether an employee decides to stick around or leave.

As uncovered in our Employee Retention Report, companies that provide their workforce with access to professional development enjoy a 10% higher employee etention rate than those who don't. Unfortunately, those opportunities for career progression aren't enjoyed equally for men and women.

In a survey of 400 full-time employees, we asked whether they felt they had any opportunities for career growth at their current job. Here are the results:


Women feel as though they have significantly fewer opportunities for career progression. And while there are many reasons for this perception, there are ways to ensure everyone has access to developmental opportunities. Here are a few ways to ensure everyone at your organization feels like there's room for growth.


1. Map out a career path

Sit down with individual employees and discuss career goals. Then help come up with milestones or goals that will help them get where they want.


2. Be transparent about promotional opportunities

Be frank with your employees. If they are literally in a dead-end job, let them know and help brainstorm other similar paths they can take. Show them the steps they have to take before landing that VP of Sales position.


3. Check in with them frequently

Don't wait until the annual performance review to touch base with your employees. Find out if there are any new projects they'd like to tackle and what you can do to help them progress towards their career goals.

It's easy to just have employees do the same tasks repeately because it's efficient. But think of it this way: is it all that efficient when an employee quits because they're tired of doing the same routine?



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