The Surprising Impact of Employee Feedback

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Mar 3, 2016

The_Surprising_Impact_of_Employee_Feedback_1What really makes workplace morale tank? We can all think of reasons that drive us crazy at work, and everyone has their own gripes. So in our most recent Industry Ranking Report, we dug through over 60,000 anonymous employee responses from around the world to find out which sectors had the happiest and unhappiest employees.

Of course, we didn't stop there. We wanted to pinpoint the universal factors that drove employee satisfaction. And one of the questions we asked was the following:



Employees don't want to just give feedback, they want to be partners with their companies in identifying and acting on problems in the workplace. So getting the workforce involved in the company is incredibly critical in employee recognition. Here's what an employee in the Real Estate industry (the second happpiest industry this year) had to say:

“It is incredible how much more influence each employee at this company has on decisions and business growth. There is not one person on this team that can’t propose an idea and act on it, in fact it is encouraged! No matter what our job titles are we all have the ability to make an impact on any piece of the company and push forward! Compared to my last employer this is completely different. I didn’t feel needed or appreciated there.”

What really matters to employees in the workplace is that they're given a part to play in solving issues and improving the workplace.



TINYpulse 2016 Best Industry Ranking Report


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