10 Tools Everyone in HR Needs to Start Using Now

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Jan 30, 2016

10 Tools Everyone in HR Needs to Start Using Now - by TINYpulseHow confident are you in the tools your HR department is using? If you’ve not made any changes to your HR team’s tool belt in a while, now is as good a time as any to review what you’re using to determine which, if any, platforms are better.

From driving employee engagement to training new hires or streamlining the onboarding process, these tools can take your HR department to the next level.


1. Relode

Who doesn’t like pictures? Relode provides recruiters with a visual approach to the hiring process. The platform organizes candidates, making it incredibly easy for recruiters and hiring managers to identify top talent in a time-effective manner.


2. Textio

Are you confident that your job ads are the best they could be? Terribly written listings — and those that are filled with meaningless corporate jargon — turn job seekers off, and fast. Enter Textio, a tool which helps recruiters and small businesses optimize their job ads, using better words and phrasing that’s proven to deliver results. Fill your positions 20% faster with Textio.


3. SilkRoad

An end-to-end talent management platform, SilkRoad helps recruiters with acquisition, management, and other core HR functions. SilkRoad tracks employees from the moment they enter the system to the moment they leave for another gig (or retire). The platform is powered by cloud, mobile, analytics, and social technologies.


4. Freckle

If you’re searching for a time-tracking tool that provides a bird’s-eye view into how your employees are spending their time, look no further than Freckle. The service is cloud based, which means workers can chart their hours no matter where they happen to be. What’s more, Freckle also generates detailed payroll reports so you can easily gauge where your resources are going.


5. Gusto

Automated tax filings? Check. The ability to process payroll in a couple of minutes? Check. Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) makes it incredibly easy to add new employees to the mix. It also grants employees their own log-in credentials, so they can make any changes they need to.


6. TribeHR

It’s impossible to devote enough time to thoroughly analyzing everyone’s resume and cover letter. Good news: you can use a tool like TribeHR to automate a lot of the process. Beyond that, TribeHR provides a platform in which your employees can recognize each other’s efforts in a public, albeit digital, way.


7. Kin

It can be hard to feel at home at a new job, but Kin makes it easier. The platform presents new hires with a completely personalized employee onboarding experience. Rather than filling out mindless paperwork, new hires are able to get their feet wet at their new company at their own pace and in an interactive fashion. Kin also makes it easy for new hires to “get to know” the people they’ll be working with — all you have to do is send them a link to those folks’ profiles.


8. ApplicantStack

A turnkey recruiting and employee onboarding solution, ApplicantStack simplifies the hiring process. Recruiters can use ApplicantStack to screen candidates quickly. Once a hiring decision has been made, new employees are onboarded efficiently and effectively.


9. Zenefits

Another employee onboarding tool, Zenefits streamlines the entire onboarding process. New hires are able to fill out all of their paperwork digitally, and signed copies of relevant documents are automatically stored in each employee’s unique digital portal. Zenefits also makes it incredibly easy to add new hires to payroll and enroll them in benefits, too.


10. TINYpulse

How engaged are your employees? It’s not enough to conduct surveys once a year to determine whether your employees love showing up to work or are looking to bail the first chance they get. You can use TINYpulse to anonymously survey your staff at the end of each week. That way, you can nip any problems that are brewing in the bud — and constantly improve your culture.



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