Common Attributes of Companies With High Glassdoor Scores

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Apr 14, 2016

Common_Attrbutes_of_Companies_With_High_Glassdoor_Scores_1.pngEach year, the anonymous employer review site Glassdoor releases a list of the top places to work in the United States. The rankings are determined by an analysis of company reviews that are submitted by employees over the course of the year.

Many of the names that appear toward the top of this year’s list won’t surprise you. According to this year’s list, Airbnb is the best company to work for. Other companies found in the top 10 include tech juggernauts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Zillow, HubSpot, and Guidewire.

Many of the companies that appeared on the list are publicly traded tech companies that boast billion-dollar market valuations. (Airbnb hasn’t had its IPO yet — but it’s still a unicorn.) But what else do they have in common in terms of workplace environment and employee engagement tactics?


1. Workers love their CEOs

By and large, employees at the top-rated companies think very highly of the folks at the helm of their respective organizations. For example:

  • 98% of employees approve of Google’s Sundar Pichai
  • 98% of employees approve of LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner
  • 96% of employees approve of HubSpot’s Brian Halligan
  • 95% of employees approve of Airbnb’s Brian Chesky
It turns out that when employees believe in the CEOs who are moving their organizations forward, they are more likely to enjoy showing up to work every day.


2. Employees would recommend their company to another person

Employees at the top-rated companies are also very likely to recommend their employer to their friends. According to Glassdoor:

  • 93% of the folks at Guidewire would recommend their jobs to someone else
  • 92% of Facebook workers would recommend the company
  • 85% of Zillow employees would do the same
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. When employees enjoy their jobs, they’re quick to recommend their employers to the people they care about because they suspect those folks would enjoy working there too.


3. The future looks very bright

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Poke around the listings of each of the top companies, and you’ll see that a vast majority of workers who review their employers believe their organization has a positive outlook. This makes perfect sense. Anyone who’s ever worked for an employer that has bleak future prospects will tell you that it’s not always the most fun to show up to work. It feels good to be part of an organization that is very clearly improving the lives of its customers (e.g., Airbnb making it easy for travelers to find affordable and unique accommodations).  


4. Salaries and perks are fantastic

Employees at top-rated companies also think highly of the way their organizations compensate them. On the flipside, top-rated companies make sure to convey the fact that they care about creating and maintaining strong, transparent work cultures.

It’s not uncommon for employees of top-ranked companies to enjoy unlimited vacation, flexible scheduling, free health insurance (including premiums), continuing education stipends, and the ability to work from home, among other perks.


5. Companies manage their Glassdoor pages

Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly, the top-ranked companies generally manage their Glassdoor pages proactively. Unlike some companies that might not think much of employer branding, the top-rated companies are interested in how prospective employees view their organizations. To this end, they maintain active presences on Glassdoor as yet another way to attract top talent.

If your business doesn’t have much in common with the top-ranked companies on Glassdoor, it’s probably time to reassess your culture to see what improvements can be made. A few changes here and there can go a long way toward making your employees measurably happier.

Who knows? Your company may yet end up atop Glassdoor’s list sooner or later.



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