Which Days Do Employees Work the Most Overtime?

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Feb 11, 2016

Which_Days_Do_Employees_Work_the_Most_Overtime_1Over half of the workforce in America and Canada is burnt out, according to a report by WorkplaceTrends.com and the Staples Advantage. And our Employee Retention Report found that employees who are feeling burnt out are 31% more likely to think about jumping ship.

This is troublesome news, especially if you're a leader who's worried about retention.

So we decided to weed through the world of Twitter to see if we could unearth some trends. Here's the data that we've compiled for the percentage of people using specific hashtags.





It's not surprising that most people are working late on Thursdays. It's near the end of the week, you've realized that all the work you need to get done has piled up, and you're in no mood to stay late on Friday.





This was the most surprising. Either people are starting their week early on Sunday, or they're pulling extra hours to get prepped for the upcoming week. 


Either way, give your employees some breathing room. Having regular 1:1s or check-ins allows you to touch base with their workload to figure out if adjustments need to be made.

Everyone has high times and low times at work. The problem lies when it's a constant high. As a manager, if you aren't providing the support employees need to stay afloat, then be prepared to see a two weeks' notice in your inbox soon.



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